Las Vegas Hi-Rollers Our passion is the great outdoors. Good Sam RV Club.

This is our home on the web. But, our real home is in the great outdoors. We love RVing and meeting new people. Join us now.

(702) 452-0332 The Vegas Hi-rollers, one of the best RV organizations in Las Vegas. We're Good Sams.

Vegas Hi-rollers

Good Sam rv club

We are called a lot of things. Las Vegas High Rollers,Las Vegas Hi-Rollers, Vegas High Rollers, High Roller but never Late for Dinner. Technically, our name is Vegas Hi-Rollers. 

Good Sam Club

There is nothing like roasting marshmallows around the campfire. We have former professional musicians in our group who love to play and sing around the campfire.

We are one of the best.

Our organization is great, not because we think we are, but because we think you are. We are an other centered organization and all you have to do is ask, and we will be there for you. Camping is a lot more fun when we share and give to others.

October 2017 Good Sam Meeting

Video of  our meeting in October

Our rigs

Bill and Mary's rig

Bill and Mary started out using their rig as an onsite  construction office to build a dental office. Then they discovered all the campsites nearby and started RVing all over Northern Nevada and California. Then they were hooked and there was no turning back.

Richard and Joy's rig

Richard and Joy are long time members and are very helpful when it comes to fixing and setting up our campsite. As a Air Force veteran (Retired) he is a no nonsense kind of guy. But, he has a great sense of humor, too. Richard knows how to give and take orders. Joy's finger Jello is the hit of the meetings. (Recipe is on the Recipe page of our website) Enjoy.

Ron and Sandy's addition to the rig.

 Members Ron  and Sandy with their PortaBoat.

Don's Allegro Bus

Don makes the best Mac and Cheese with chicken. MMMM Good

Ivan and Sharon's rig

From the Land of Mesquite

Our Rigs continued

Gene and Bernice's Rig

Bernice tells the best stories

Dinner with the group at the Hitchin Post

The Fish and Chips  were out of this world.

Smitty and Shirly's rig

Larry and Ruby's rig

Future  Member's Bio

Lloyd's rig

Future  Member's Bio

Future Member's Rig

Future  Member's Bio

About Us


We are the Vegas Hi-rollers and we are a good sam rv club. Being a member of the good sam club offers us a lot of benefits.


Larry Peterson

Come Join our RV group

This is the time to get away and greet new friends. We have a potluck dinner at our outings and it is always very good with our seasoned cooks. Click here for more information.

Click here for our members special recipes.

Enjoying the outdoors

But, it is the friendship and good times we have enjoying our common interest in RVing that makes life special. 

Giving to others is signature to our participation in the Vegas Hi-Roller RV club. We are a Good Sam organization.